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the last of the puppeteers
The puppets’ facial expressions, sculpted and shaped, also come to life through interpretation: voice modulation is part of the staging.

Puppets come alive and the dialogues and sets lead viewers back in time to retrace the history of the Paladins of France.When the doors of Franco Cuticchio’s workshop-theater are opened, many stories come to life. Among these, the family’s story, linked to a craft that has been handed down from father to son and that today reaches the fourth generation;

the artisan tradition, the care and attention with which every single Sicilian puppet is crafted and all its components: the armors, decorations and symbols; and last but not least, the narrative universe of France’s Paladins; 365 episodes that were staged every evening in Palermo’s theaters.There are also memories, those related to the artisan workshop and life on stage, when the puppets are moved by hands and arms that know how to support them and accompany them on stage. Every item and corner of this place speaks and comes alive through the work of one of the greatest Sicilian masters.

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