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To be part of the small community of Sant’Angelo Muxaro is to live an unforgettable human and relational experience.

There are countries where time flows slowly, where we must stop and listen to understand its richness. Relationships arise spontaneously as well as conversations that reveal the life of a community and its daily routines.

Sant’Angelo Muxaro, a small village on the Sicilian mountains in a rugged and picturesque area, is famous for the monumental tombs dug into the sides of the hill on which stands the town. From the central square of the village through the alleys and courtyards you can become acquainted with the life of this small village and be part of this family. Signora Maria, an English speaker, kneads and sells bread to the small community every day and between one chat and another reveals the secrets of this bakery and the ancient art of bread making. Entering the homes instead means getting to know the traditions, such as foraging, the art of knowing how to recognize and pick edible spontaneous herbs that grow in nature, or the culinary heritage made up of simple and genuine dishes. A visit to Sant’Angelo Muxaro is an experience in which history, archaeology and adventure embrace the relational and above all the human dimension.

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Life is a journey and those who travel live twice. Omar Khayyam.

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