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Travelers with a passion for cooking, international chefs and refined admirers of good food have all been guests of this house.

Sicilian dishes become a history lesson and moments of conversation and conviviality will make you feel at home. Inside a stately home located in the small center of Viagrande, at the foot of Etna, Monica Consoli welcomes her guests in the kitchen and in the well-kept garden surrounded by silence. In these very rooms Monica’s mom, Eleonora, worked by spreading the Sicilian culinary tradition through books, catering and successful television programs.

Monica accompanies her guests between a cooking lesson and pleasant conversations on the history of Sicilia gastronomic traditions. The culture of food is linked to knowledge; listening and learning together are the secrets of this experience. Pieces of Sicily’s history and its gastronomic culture are flanked by a real cooking laboratory and cherished moments with friends and family where the pleasure of eating together becomes the focus.

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