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We are collecting ideas and passions and initiating new projects to tell you about a certain idea of Sicily. The journey of Essence of Sicily never stops.

Our company is a permanent laboratory where ideas turn into concrete projects, adding new elements to that great narrative that is Sicily. Every piece we decided to invest in is a point of view on the territory.
At the foundation are the values that have always distinguished our work: sustainability, care, taste, passion and exclusivity. Our projects enrich, implement and enhance that set of visions we transmit every day to travelers choosing the services and experiences we offer. We look to the future, always thinking of our roots. We enhance our territory’s excellence by defending a concrete and pure idea of sustainability. The idea for travel is enriched with new products that are the synthesis and at the same time the essence of our philosophy.


The flavors and recipes of Sicily are like an ancient fairytale. Filì is a journey that talks about memories and connections, taste and tradition.
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To travel is to gain knowledge but it is above all a relationship: you come into contact with places, cities, towns and people.
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