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people and stories from the island

To travel is to gain knowledge but it is above all a relationship: you come into contact with places, towns and people.

Sicily is a story; a tale told in installments which does not end over time. For our Grand Tour, we’ve chosen to rely on the recollections of men and women from the area, and, founded on their knowledge and memories, we’ve come up with a travel idea which stems from dialogue, conversation, and being together.

Your personal discovery of places is enhanced by words and by history narrated by those from the area.We are on the lookout for new places and paths to offer truly authentic experiences.

I would like to tell you about this journey, about the sunrises, the sounds, the silences, how landscapes change and the ways of observing and getting to know them. I walked and I felt the strength of a land opening up to my eyes.I embraced space with a glance, discovering a different way to travel. I realized that places are made up of people and I began to listen. At times I felt like a foreigner, other times I felt at home and I never stopped marvelling. I appreciated the value of authentic hospitality and the pleasure of conversation. I have collected stories, points of view and I have adapted to a slow pace. There are traditions that deserve to be known, they make up the thousand meanings of Sicily. Behind every gesture I’ve seen is the story of an entire island that I gradually discovered. Every place was hidden behind the words and in the eyes of those who told to me about it.

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