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To know it, you have to imagine and let yourself be transported by the thousands of stories that Ortigia has to offer.

Reading a city’s signage allows us to interpret its stratifications, know its history, and understand the chronological periods and the populations that have lived there over the centuries. Syracuse is an open book and to travel through it accompanied by the competence, passion and enthusiasm of those who can reveal every secret is a unique experience.

A walk through the streets of the center is a way to discover the history of the Jewish presence in the city, starting from the present symbols and those that are long gone, imagining what those places were like where the Jews, repurposing the medieval structures, gave life their synagogue, to the baths where women cleansed themselves, or to the cluster of shops that animated the streets. It is a cultured and exciting story at the same time that sheds light on one of the most interesting pages in the history of Ortigia.

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Life is a journey and those who travel live twice. Omar Khayyam.

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