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Kronos e Mithia

Nearby lay the colossal bones of Kronos and Mithia, warrior giants who stood as vigilant guardians of the Madonna of Light.

Mistretta, a Sicilian town with a glorious past, once stood as an imperial city during Federico II kingdom. Nestled amidst the lush greenery of the surrounding forests within the Nebrodi Mountains, it earned its name “Sella dei Nebrodi.” It was in this enchanting place that a sacred image of the Madonna was discovered, accompanied by human bones of remarkable size. Legend has it that these bones belonged to the giants Kronos and Mithia, the mythical first inhabitants of Sicily and guardians of the sacred image.

The richness of Mistretta’s history is evident in the architectural splendor of its noble palaces, none more impressive than the Tasca family’s noble residence, now transformed into a museum that houses the original giants. Mistretta, with its deep historical roots and breathtaking natural beauty, remains a treasure trove of Sicilian heritage and legend. On the 8th of September, the colossal warrior giants of Mistretta awaken, marching proudly through the town’s streets, brought to life by the devoted carriers who gracefully dance with their towering burdens. This tradition, passed down from one generation to the next, imparts a unique touch to each character.

These mighty figures play a role that transcends time, keeping alive a profound tradition and a powerful spectacle. As the people of Mistretta offer their pledges of money and precious items to the Madonna, they celebrate light, life, and prosperity. The guardian giants of the Madonna of Light’s simulacrum accompany her throughout the procession, their presence enchanting and illuminating the winding alleys of Mistretta with a captivating force. This annual display of devotion and artistry weaves together the past and present, uniting the town in a magnificent celebration of tradition and faith.

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