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In the center of Ragusa Ibla there is a place where a tradition that seemed to have disappeared has been brought back to life.

There is a workshop-laboratory in the heart of Ragusa Ibla that takes its name from a color, here the artists Biagio and Damiano carry on the art of Sicilian cart painting following the oral tradition learned from the old master cart painters.

Just like in the past, the two young artists dress in traditional clothes and between a restoration job and meeting a new client, they tell their story and training that arises above all from a knowledge that has been handed down. The passion for art, craftsmanship and tradition come together in this laboratory where pigments are ground and traditional pictorial techniques are used. The walls are full of signs, every detail and every splash of color is the pretext for knowing the different cultural stratififications that the Sicilian cart brings. Precision, study, passion and balance are the elements that characterize the work of these last master cart painters. A tradition that continues to exist and is now tainted by contemporary languages.

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