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We choose the raw materials together in the streets of Catania’s market based on seasonal produce and then prepare traditional recipes in an exclusive space.

Certain places reveal the essence of a city; they are like matryoshka dolls that preserve centuries of history, influences and changes. Exploring the market in Catania means knowing the history and culture of food in Sicily, the five senses will guide you and it will be fascinating to lose yourself in the sounds, smells, colors, materials and flavors.

Catania’s market has always gathered the best of Sicilian production: fish, cheeses, dried fruit, meat. During the trip, you’ll hear the abbanniate*, you’ll experience various aromas and you’ll be able to taste the best of Sicilian produce: the calia, mustards, fine cheeses, salami and its streetfood. The story of a tradition and a story that is both cultural and mythological.

“ The kitchen becomes a place for the family; an opportunity to rediscover the importance of doing things together. ” Cooking together is a way to get to know and experience the recipes that have made Sicily an excellence in the gastronomic sector. At the premises of the exclusive Asmundo of Gisara Art hotel, dishes are prepared with raw materials from the market. Cooking and tasting takes place in a friendly environment: fresh pasta, the best of streetfood, meat rolls or caci puddata tuna.

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