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In the streets of Burgio there is a slow flow of simple things and traditions that are handed down.

While an old lady looks out from her balcony and a group of children improvise a soccer match, the scent of fried eggplants and fresh tomato sauce invades the streets of Burgio. A group of men play cards in the village circle and the church bell punctuates the day. To enter the slow pace of the daily life of this Sicilian country means getting to know its deepest soul.

The itinerary first leads to the Mother Church and then on to discover the ancient tradition of ceramics and bells.The Caravella workshop reminds us that know-how is transmitted as experience from father to son, a workshop that still retains an ancient charm, and where the ancient art of Burgio ceramics continues to thrive. Leisureliness and tradition also are what accompanies a visit to the bell foundry, one of the oldest in Italy. Here the bells are made as in the past, starting from the “soul”, the inner part made with bricks and clay. To get to know the true identity of a place you need to sit at the table and discover the pleasure of a family lunch, the good dishes alternating with conversation that mix together memories and daily life.

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