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orange blossom and rose petals
Flowers and plants are sources with infinite properties.

In this estate which is also a laboratory, the pharmacist puts his knowledge into practice, blends essences and dedicates himself to natural cosmetics. Entering this place provides an opportunity to learn about a medical art that derives from ancient remedies and which today, continues to improve.

A flourishing countryside surrounds the old mansion where medicinal plants paths and fruit trees lead you to a refreshing natural pool and a ‘gebbia’: an old tub – once used for gathering rainwater – now is a pleasing pool for aromatic bath with orange blossom, lavender, rosemary, rose’s petals. These essences capture your senses and mind releasing wonderful sensations. Every drop of our organic cosmetics (created by expert pharmacists) concentrates all the active ingredients of the estate’s plants from ‘orto dei semplici’ (garden of simples) and the organic plantations of fruit trees. Particular attention is dedicated to ancient remedies inspired by ‘kòsmèsis’: the precious knowledge of the Ancient Greece. Tradition and innovation for the beauty of your body and the balance of your soul.

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food | nature | tradition


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food | nature | tradition


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