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Whoever drinks wine has a sense of aesthetics, beauty and of knowing how to live.

A bottle of wine always contains the story of a family and a relationship with the region. The wines speak of the region and it is important to taste a glass and at the same time understand how the origin of the grapes, the soil and the micro-climate influenced the trend of the vintage.“ A journey on the link shared between the vines and the Etna area, between the parts and the whole. ”

In the Etna area, south-western wines are more concentrated, while south-eastern wines near the sea tend to be slender and northern wines are more austere. The cellars’ owners accompany the guests in wine tasting, becoming interpreters of their land, their passion and their choices as producers. An aesthetic experience and at the same time a path that investigates the link between the vines and Etna.

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Life is a journey and those who travel live twice. Omar Khayyam.

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