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Cacao Soul

a class on making hot chocolate
Modica was a county where many noble families lived who fell in love with hot chocolate in a cup, prepared with hot water, chocolate and chilli.

Modica’s hot chocolate tradition is also handed down today and along the streets during some periods of the year you can still smell the scent of cocoa and hear the sound of beating; a movement that must be repeated to prepare the chocolate bar. On the balconies of Modica’s main street, nobles drank hot chocolate in a cup; a tradition that over time has transformed and made this baroque region of Sicily the home of chocolate.

Modica’s families still continue to produce chocolate, following a few simple rules and creating new combinations and flavors. The scent and taste of cocoa beans, Sicily’s history and the joy of doing things together, are the elements of this journey through an ancient art that still continues to exist.

“ During Christmas or Easter the sound of beating can be heard throughout Modica’s streets: as a tradition from the past to present many people still continue to prepare hot chocolate at home. ”

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