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the wisdom of plants
From each plant it is possible to obtain a story, search for its spirit and thoroughly investigate its properties.

Among the Sicani mountains there is a man who took refuge in a wooden house and made it a place where to enjoy his passions: plants, flowers, medicinal herbs, writing and art. The spaces we create speak of us, reflect our world. Aldo in his home has many stories to tell:

fantasy stories written in volumes which he shows to those who are curious enough to sit and listen, as well as stories about his commitment to the environment but above all, those that show his love of plants. A walk in the garden is an opportunity to get to know aromatic and medicinal plants and taste some flowers used to prepare special recipes. The scents of rosemary, mint, thyme, wild fennel, calamint, sage lead into the magic circle; an outdoor sculpture park created by Aldo over the years. As in a Tolkien story, you enter a magical world accompanied by the wisdom of a man who has dedicated his life to his passion for plants.

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